1. OffroadGirl's Avatar
    I just bought a leather pocket pouch for my 9900 and it really smells bad. It's a chemical smell, not a leather smell. I can't even be in the same room with it. Does the smell go away? Did anyone else have this issue?
    01-04-12 06:01 PM
  2. kbz1960's Avatar
    I'm going to say mine hasn't because I've never noticed any smell like that. I'm also not going to smell it LOL.
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    01-04-12 06:17 PM
  3. Spencerdl's Avatar
    Your right it does STINK......never used it
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    01-04-12 07:44 PM
  4. OffroadGirl's Avatar
    I put it in the garage because I could smell it all over the house. I hope it stops stinking, there's no way I could use it as it is now. kbz, I can smell it from across the room so you would know if it was stinky like that. So gross.
    01-05-12 02:38 AM
  5. Spencerdl's Avatar
    I put mine back in the plastic, back in the box and back in the corner closet I use for storage
    01-05-12 06:43 PM
  6. OffroadGirl's Avatar
    Hmm, mine didn't come in a box. It had a square bit of styrofoam inside it to hold its shape and then it was in a plastic bag. I'm starting to wonder if I bought a fake, even though it says it's OEM (I bought the one at https://www.amazon.com/dp/B005MD9PPG...bUvbUpU7002393). It still reeks so I'm sending it back.
    01-05-12 07:00 PM
  7. OffroadGirl's Avatar
    Wow, that was fast. I requested the return right after I posted here last and they replied that it was "sent by mistake" so they will issue a refund. They told me I can just throw it away -- they don't even want it back. The seller was Accessory Xpert. Buyer beware!
    01-05-12 07:23 PM
  8. tcseacliff's Avatar
    I just bought one @ at&t, blackberry. it is made in CHINA! that would explain any chemical residue. those people seem to love chemicals, and anything that can harm us!(think, lead painted toys, asbestos,blackberry pouches)! mine does smell,=like a weird ce=hemical, leather would have been nice. I have it out of my 9900 a lot ,so did not notice.
    01-05-12 08:31 PM
  9. OffroadGirl's Avatar
    I can't tell if it's leather or not, but I don't think so. I have a Noreve case and I think I'll just stick with that. It's interesting that even one you got at the AT&T store stinks. Not good.
    01-05-12 08:35 PM
  10. OffroadGirl's Avatar
    It's a smell I know I've smelled before, I think from those knock-off handbags in NYC. Is that the smell of fake leather? To me, it smells like knock-off junk from China. I guess I'd recommend smelling something made from leather before you buy it (even if you get funny looks).
    01-05-12 09:18 PM
  11. Techie_Guy's Avatar
    I purchased a BlackBerry Bold 9790 Leather Holster from Future Shop and it stinks.

    I took it out of the plastic box and put it right back in...still haven't used it. I am thinking I should return it.
    01-05-12 11:47 PM
  12. OffroadGirl's Avatar
    I just talked to someone who mentioned she has a knock-off handbag she bought online a couple of years ago that still stinks. I don't think the smell goes away. There are plenty of leather cases available so I'd keep looking if I were you. If your phone starts smelling like the case it's going to be hard to hold it up against your face to talk to someone. I'm really curious about what the smell is -- is it something on the leather or is it the smell of "fake" leather?
    01-05-12 11:50 PM
  13. CJH315's Avatar
    LMAO...I don't know where to start with the pouch smelling jokes! ok,ok, seriously try spraying some febreze on them. That stuff kills all kinds of odors and you smell springtime fresh!
    01-05-12 11:59 PM
  14. anon(2325196)'s Avatar
    mine smells like feet

    i think i know why

    it is because i wear it as a "foot cap" at night time
    01-06-12 01:54 AM
  15. anon(2325196)'s Avatar
    psyche, i don't even have one, can't afford such leathery luxuries

    but one time, i purchased a chair, that reeeeeeked like reeeeefer - it wasn't bad actually

    regardless of how much i febreezed the thing, it remained smelling real skunky

    i began to suspect office depot was involved in some kind of skunk trafficing ring
    01-06-12 01:57 AM
  16. Ben1232's Avatar
    After enduring a long deliberate sniff - my conclusion is the 'stink' with my leather case isn't there.

    I kinda wish there was just so I know what you guys are talking about.
    01-06-12 05:12 AM
  17. Existence_Inc's Avatar
    Both my OEM 99x0 leather pocket pouch and leather holster have a faint smell of leather. Nothing else. Not sure what to tell you. I ordered mine from the CB Store.
    01-06-12 09:33 AM
  18. kbz1960's Avatar
    Well you all made me smell mine lol. Slight hint of leather so it's all good.
    01-06-12 09:53 AM
  19. oartis's Avatar
    I purchased one for my 9930. Had it for around 3 weeks now. The strong smell does diminish over time. It now has a slight leather smell. The pouch does a great job so hang in there.
    01-06-12 11:19 AM
  20. blurtixx's Avatar
    I bought a 9780 pouch off eBay some time ago and it stinks. Having already bought it, I went ahead and used it, the smell went away after about a week.

    Just put it in your pocket, maybe it sort of 'rubs' away the smell as you walk. I think spray some Febreeze might help too.
    01-08-12 08:44 AM