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    One of my favorite features of my new Curve is the difference in behavior when holstered. I walk to work, so I generally put my BB in my bag to prevent that annoying sway/hit action against my leg. The problem is that I can't feel it vibrate or hear it ring (I wear my iPod on the way in). I had a case for my bag that would hold a phone on the strap, but it doesn't trigger holstered mode. I admit that's not a big deal since I can easily put it on vibrate before I leave, but I'm forgetful - and I needed a project.

    I have the little case that I got with my Curve that acts like a holster, even though it's mostly a sleeve. So I got to thinking - what if I just shove that sleeve in the case? It works as expected, but it was a tight fit. So I got my trusty little knife and loosened up the sides. Not enough of an improvement. I noticed that the magic little magnet is clearly in one side of the case, so I decided to abandon the useless half and just slide the business end in the case. That also worked as expected, but it was still a little snug. In a fit of bravery and disregard for the fine stitching put in to this case, I liberated that band that contains the magnet from the side of the case. I slid that in to the holster, and everything was a go! The problem here is that the magnet is very weak, and the BB had a tendency to push the strip out of place. I never realized it until right then, but the front of this little case has a pocket in the front! Saved. I slid the magnet-o-band in the pocket, slipped the phone in, and sure enough it kicked in to holster mode. Hooray!

    So, the bad news for those of you who want to try this. Apparently, Timbuk2 no longer sells this particular case. I'm sure it would work with any of their other similar products, but keep in mind that the magnet is really weak, so placement is important. Also, you'll have to sacrifice the slipcase, but that's not such a big deal if you ask me.

    I included some pictures because my cam was near by and I'm sort of proud of this thing. Happy holstering!
    07-23-08 10:58 PM