1. enzo100's Avatar
    After much delay and dissapointing shipping times (I felt like the 2 week delay should have resulted in some sort of shipping deal from the company), my coveroo is finally here. I saw a thread previously about the arrival of Coveroos, but use this thread to share them as yours arrive! This won't last long as my colorware kit is also on its way, but its a nice little touch!

    12-20-09 01:02 PM
  2. Aobiah's Avatar
    AUG is sick nasty
    12-20-09 01:05 PM
  3. jcp007's Avatar
    Nice picture. I ran across Coveroos. Their concept of returning the modified OEM part instead of sending the device in is more appealing to me.
    12-20-09 01:05 PM
  4. Vuittonbabi18's Avatar
    I love coveroos! I really like your cover looks great. I think i may take the dive and get one done, i like the concept of it looking like a blackberry getting a imprinted tattoo.
    12-20-09 02:41 PM
  5. noaim's Avatar
    I actually dont like this at all and wouldnt do it to mine sorry
    12-20-09 02:43 PM
  6. jcp007's Avatar
    To each his own. Having to return the device to a vendor would definitely not appeal to me. Coveroos concept makes more practical sense even though these are two different processes and involve significantly more drastic modification with Colorware.
    12-20-09 03:02 PM
  7. mastermason11's Avatar
    Just got it today !!!!

    I pledge my allegiance to CrackBerry !!!!

    12-21-09 08:49 PM
  8. nytech13's Avatar
    Just got it today !!!!

    I pledge my allegiance to CrackBerry !!!!

    wow, that looks great
    12-21-09 08:59 PM
  9. Twin00's Avatar
    I got mine a couple weeks ago. My brother has the Blackberry Flying D's (menu button icon) tattooed on his body, so I thought that I'd get one of my tattoos put on my Bold 9700. Coveroo was a good company to work with, great communication.

    01-03-10 03:28 PM
  10. thatton's Avatar
    This is an interesting concept but not for me... I would be curious to see some more designs though.
    01-03-10 03:53 PM
  11. moyjoy's Avatar
    I'm still waiting on mine. Their turnaround time SUCKS! It's actually a gift for someone else. I was going to see how theirs turned out before I got my own but their customer service is so bad I'll just wait for the gift I ordered and keep it movin.
    03-14-10 11:57 PM
  12. moyjoy's Avatar
    Got a custom cover the artist I manage (The Life Of A"Singer") with his logo for his BDAY. (and his name)

    03-25-10 12:07 PM
  13. Tre Lawrence's Avatar
    Oh wow... nice!
    03-25-10 12:19 PM