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    hey everyone,

    i got my curve a while ago and of course have already scratched the screen. i am not much of a fan of the case that i bought and wish i could just be able to carry the phone itself around. so, i'm looking for a skin with a screen protector. i have found some leather or clunky cases with a screen protector, but i guess i'm seeing if anyone knows where i can get something a little more pleasing to the eye. it seems like something that would exist but i have looked at a lot of websites and still can't find anything.

    i guess in addition to this, if anyone knows ways to fill in scratches (looked for an asnwer to this too and couldn't find much) i'd appreciate that too.


    in addition:

    i guess i'm looking for something like this that would be made out of plastic, rubber, silicone, something (and possibly a little cheaper)
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    09-19-07 10:54 PM
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    I bought a plastic case from ExtremePDA.com that is very similar to the hard plastic case on your link. It fits perfectly, so much so that you hardly notice that a case is even on your BB. I also purchased the screen protectors at the same time. These are the cling type screen protectors, so they don't leave any residue if you decide to change them. I'm kind of anal about keeping my "gadgets" as clean and new looking as long as possible. Try ExtremePDA.com, you might find something there...and the prices were reasonable too.
    09-20-07 01:11 AM
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    just get a full 'invisibleshield' or 'Best Skin Ever' sounds like it would cover your needs/wants.
    09-23-07 10:58 AM