1. m3incorp's Avatar
    I've got an Alltel Curve 8330 that is only three weeks old. Yesterday I took a 600 mile trip and phone was charged by car charger. When I woke up this morning, noticed battery was in the red and plugged into the supplied wall charger. It didn't show the little plug, and wasn't charged. I then plugged in to the laptop via the supplied USB cable and it still didn't show the plug and wasn't charging. It took it out to my vehicle (where it is now) and it charges fine. Any ideas? as only charging in the vehicle isn't the answer. BTW I checked the threads and didn't come up with anything. Thanks
    03-17-09 10:26 AM
  2. wnm's Avatar
    Are you using a BlackBerry car charger?
    03-17-09 10:28 AM
  3. John Yester's Avatar
    BlackBerries will only charge using either wall power or vehicle power when it is that low.... USB won;t cut it, plus if the laptop is not plugged in to a power source......
    03-17-09 10:30 AM
  4. m3incorp's Avatar
    Yes the car charger is one for the blackberry and works fine. The wall charger and USB cables came with the phone. Yester18, The car charger now has it at about 50%, I'll try the USB again, but as I said the supplied wall charger didn't charge it either, and I used two different ones.
    03-17-09 11:05 AM
  5. m3incorp's Avatar
    Battery now at 50% via charging by car charger, and still won't charge with wall charger or USB; all plugs fit nice and tight. Wow, looking at today's threads, it looks like quiet a few people are having charging issues.
    03-17-09 11:30 AM
  6. m3incorp's Avatar
    UPDATE: I plugged the wall charger for my Motorola phone into the Curve, and yep it shows charging. I still haven't found a USB cable that allows it to charge/sync. Funny that the other Curve will charge just fine with either of the two wall chargers or USB cables that came with it....ruling out that the chargers are cables are bad. Also noticed today that it lags when typing at times. Only have phone for a couple of weeks, so will return it to store when I get back next week.
    03-18-09 02:14 PM
  7. PhillyFlowerGirl's Avatar
    I'm having this same issue. My phone will charge in the car, but not using the wall charger. Ironically, the car charger is generic, while the wall charger came with the phone! Has anyone come up with an idea for a fix on this?
    07-22-09 03:17 PM
  8. crackzilla's Avatar
    There may be a short in the charger cord. Try another charger if it works then you know what the prob is. Its probably the charger, that would be a he11 of alot better than a bad batt port.
    07-22-09 05:28 PM
  9. Coug's Avatar
    Same thing happened to me. I ended up buying a new wall charger. I first tried a charger for my garmin and it worked, so my old charger was bad.

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    07-22-09 05:36 PM