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    I have a question for all you 2600mah battery users. With the bigger back door, will the phone still fit in the stock blackberry holster or will I need to buy a bigger one if I get the 2600 battery?
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    First, it's 2600 mah, not 2500.

    Second, no it will not fit in the sleeve that came with the phone. As for any other holsters, I don't know.

    I recommend this set-up:


    It provides great protection for the phone and the holster holds it all very firmly.

    It does give the device somewhat of an "industrial" look, but you can't beat the protection without going to an Otterbox. I don't know if Otterbox will work with the extended battery.

    Edit: Just noticed you have the 8310. You would need this combo:

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    hehe yea 2600mah thats what i meant
    i might just get the 1500mah then just so i can keep the same back door and use the same holster
    08-24-08 10:22 PM