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    Crative Labs EP-630 - - Ultimate Ears MetroFi 220

    Hey guys, just wanted to drop a quick review line about these two sets of earbuds. I have owned the EP-630 for a while and it has served me well. For the longest time though, I kept thinking there might be something out there that sounded better and had better performance while maintaining the same comfort and form factor. I've tried various Sony buds as well as other manufacturers and they have all fallen short. Just recently, I was out shopping and stumbled across some UE MetroFi 220 buds. I've spent my fair share of reading up on Ultimate Ears in the past when I was looking at getting some high-quality buds that fit my ears better (before stumbling across the EP-630 models), so I knew or thought I should know what I could expect from a pair of Ultimate Ears. Well, let me tell you... what a DISAPPOINTMENT the UE MetroFi 220's were. Not only did they have less volume at the same volume level from the source, but the sound just wasn't the same. I tried each of the silicone fittings to make sure it wasn't something of a fit issue causing the lesser sound and nothing. They kept sounding weak to me. I tried CDs, MP3s, streamed Internet radio, and different types of music on both my laptop and Storm and each time with each source the Creative EP-630 sounded better. The sound was fuller, more dynamic, richer, and seemed to have a much better range then they did with the UE MetroFi 220 earbuds. (Those of you who know how thorough I am in testing stuff will know that I am extremely picky and spend a lot of time comparing and contrasting things, making sure I've covered all possible variables that could lead to a false finding. Trust me, I tried to make the UE's sound better, but it wasn't happening.)

    I was really surprised to see this because even though they are sub-$100 earbuds, coming from a company such as Ultimate Ears I was really expecting to hear some improvement over the cheaper Crative EP-630 earbuds. I guess I was wrong... and to top it off, the UE MetroFi 220's were uncomfortable compared to the EP-630's. (This last part has a lot to do with the rubber ear fittings on the Creative earbuds. Out of all the ones I've tried on the market the EP-630 had the softest and most comfortable fittings of all. They not only fit and seal well, but they are also super comfortable, so much so that you can sleep in them and not be bothered.)

    Anyway, I wanted to just let everyone know that if you are searching for a good earbuds that sound really good for use with either your Blackberry or other media device, give the Creative EP-630 a try. I constantly read posts on here where people are asking for a good pair of headphones/earbuds or they complain about the Blackberry platform having poor sound quality out of the Media Player. I can tell you... it's your headphones or earbuds you're using. If you have good enough ears to tell the difference, you won't be dissapointed in the EP-630. So far I have not found their equal in the same pricepoint. I would love to try the more expensive UE stuff, but why pay $200+ for a set of earbuds that don't make a super bid improvement?

    Please let us all know if you've tried or made the switch over to the Creative Labs EP-630 and what you think.
    02-28-10 03:30 PM
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    Is the Creative ep630i compatible with blackberry 9900? I mean if i won't be able to use the microphone, I'm just going to go buy the ep630 not the ep630i. It would be very nice to get an answer because I can't find any information about this on internet.
    09-18-12 02:06 PM