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    I saw a few posts in regards to the cradle so decided to add my creativity to the blend. Verizon wireless offers an excellent accessory as long as its used improperly :-)

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    This combo pack comes with 3 pieces that can be used like so;

    The universal cradle is perfectly weighted and balanced; it holds the phone standing up or on its side in any direction making it perfect for near the bed as your alarm clock or on the kitchen table as a timer. It has open sides so you can still access the buttons and ports if needed. It also happens to work good to hold the phone up in place if youre using it as a video recorder or webcam.

    For my desk at home the mount is great. It has 45 bracket arm with 360 swivel ball head that allows any angle you need so it works great for viewing email or whatever else you have on screen. The bottom of the mount comes with sticky tape which instead of sticking to the actual desk I stuck to a paperweight so I can move it around and it holds it up great. The cradle plugs right in and this is pretty useful for conference calls and holds the phone in good site for use with the speaker phone.

    And of coarse the Air Vent Clip with 360 swivel ball head for landscape or portrait viewing is just excellent for holding your phone in the car while using your GPS or even just hands free calling.

    So for the $20 youre spending your getting a pretty useful product.

    12-24-08 03:13 AM
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    The image never showed up.

    Its called the "Vent/Adhesive Combo Mount" under Home / Accessories / Headsets & Mounts
    12-24-08 03:16 AM