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    About 4 days ago, after having forgotten about them forever, I found Coveroo again, who do laser etching on pretty much every battery door for every BlackBerry since the 8100. I had wanted to get one for my 8900 and my 9000 a long time ago, but at the time the prices were much higher, and required me to do some graphics upscaling, if I were to get one with the CrackBerry logo on it.

    I went ahead and did a search, and behold, Coveroo have since made the CrackBerry logo a normal design (no photoshop work required) and so I went ahead and ordered a CrackBerry door for my Torch.

    I've yet to find anyone who got a Coveroo on the Torch and posted it up here, so I thought I'd take the jump and post mine up, as well as a little warning about it.

    As you can see, they did a good job as always, and the design looks really great on there, they don't offer the luxury finishes, like you see on CrackBerry Kevin's 9000 door, but the design still looks pretty ace.

    A little warning I'd pass along for Torch owners thinking about getting one: In my case, it seems that the door may have warped a slight bit, as it's noticeably more difficult to get on properly. With my original Torch door I can slide on and off no problem, with the Coveroo door, I have to physically put the device screen down on the table, and give a solid push in order to get all the clips to clip into my device.

    I'm not sure if this is because of how thin the plastic is, and the amount of heat involved with the etching process and removing of that thin layer of material caused it, or if it was a defect with the door in the first place, or possibly even a result of the mail sorting machines, however the difference is noticeable.

    Not suggesting that you guys don't get one (do it! ) but just a little warning and bit of advice for Torch owners to look out for, This same thing may even apply to Curve 8500/9300 owners.

    (Hint: Click the picture for a higher-res version.)
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    05-05-11 03:22 AM
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    That looks great! Thanks for sharing!
    05-29-11 10:27 PM
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    That is amazing on so many different levels, wow.
    I want one!
    05-29-11 11:16 PM