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    Count to 10 before unplugging USB cable after ejecting on a Macintosh in USB mass storage mode! I had ejected and pulled out the cable about a quarter of a second afterwords -- big mistake! The MicroSD card became corrupted and unreadable -- I had to reformat the card and use back-up data from the day before, and re-enter whatever had been done since the last back-up (fortunately I routinely send documents to clients as *.pdf via e-mail and Yahoo had copies). I also had to pull out the MicroSD card to get over the hurdle of the never ending reboot cycle -- I had the CrackBerry video on screen and was learning how to fix a nuked BlackBerry (already downloading the new operating system) when pulling out the MicroSD card got the unit booted up. The repair feature within Options / Memory did not work because the device could not detect a formatted MicroSD card -- essentially, the partition on the MicroSD card became corrupted and could not be read by either the BlackBerry or by Disk Utility within Mac after initializing the drive with Disk Utility (i.e., repair was not an available option).
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    01-06-10 10:22 AM
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    you know you could have tried repair disk in disk utility thats what I do when it happens and it fixes the card
    01-06-10 10:24 AM
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    Thank you -- I edited the initial post to include a sentence indicating what happened when I tried that fix. Essentially the partition itself on the MicroSD got corrupted. Hopefully, my "do not do this accounting of events" will save someone a headache.
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    I've never had a problem with this and sometimes have even pulled it out without ejecting on my Mac, unlucky that happened
    01-06-10 10:37 AM
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    I usually don't wait, but I think I'll try to remember to from now on, just in case.

    Hate to hear of your troubles, thanks for sharing/warning the rest of us!
    01-06-10 12:16 PM