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    I recently upgraded to OS on Sprint. Since I upgraded, my contact alerts do not make their sounds when the BB is in it's holster. They do make the sounds when it's out. This is happening on any profile (Normal, Loud and Custom ones).

    Is anyone else having this issue? Fix? It's driving me crazy, I depend on my alerts to know if I have to pay attention to it or not at the moment. I've tried a few battery pulls, plus deleting the contact alert and re-creating it with a battery pull and nothing works.

    If I don't have a contact alert for a person and they text me, it plays my default alert when it's holstered, so it seems isolated to my contact alerts.

    Any help?
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    I just drove myself crazy with a similar problem.

    Go to Options (the wrench icon) and find the alarm you want to change. Unlike under the loudspeaker icon, you can turn sounds on and off there while the Tour is in its holster.

    Good luck!
    10-18-09 01:43 PM
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    I'm not sure where you were talking about in Options - you mean Ring Tones/Alerts?

    This appears to be isolated to the people I have separate contact alerts for.
    10-18-09 02:06 PM
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    I'm having a similar problem but I'm running on vzw. All of a sudden, a few weeks ago, my profile will just "stop working" and go to some random alerts that I don't have set up. This includes being silent for sms when in the holster. If I do a soft reset it goes back to normal for a short time, then back to the random alerts. Its really annoying. Any help would be appreciated.

    And I use the same alerts for all my contacts

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    yep, me too.. Thinking about going back to .40 OS just to get this to work...
    10-18-09 11:50 PM