1. orangecstar's Avatar
    I already have a silicone case and a screen protection but as I often get my hands dirty I am looking for something to protect the keyboard as well.

    My 8900 has regional keys on it and I would like to be able to view those keys. So the keyboard protection needs to be transparent.

    I have looked at Otterbox Defender Case but it makes my 8900 too big for my pocket. Innocase 360, although less bulky, doesn't have transparent keyboard cover.

    Any suggestion on a case which will meet my requirements?

    08-02-09 02:04 PM
  2. lieman's Avatar
    I hit the same problem, and the only solution I've found so far (admittedly after a fairly limited amount of searching), is the OtterBox clear cover, which I now use with a skin. Because it covers the front and wraps around to the back and is self-adhesive it's great, but then there's the price issue you'd have to try and work around. Like I said though, if you can get by the cost of doing it, the actual keyboard cover is great.
    08-02-09 02:30 PM