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    The reason I created this thread was to clear up some confusion regarding using a case with the charging pod. The case in question is this case here, which is the Caste-Mate Barely There case. Some people that have gotten the case says it works with the charging pod, while some say it doesn't. So you know what? I'll just take the matter into my own hand

    As you can see in the attachment, there's a yellow bolt sign on the top left of the screen. So those who says it doesn't charge, you're wrong. However, it is VERY difficult to put it in a position to make it charge. It has to be at the exact angle and position or else it will not charge. If your sole reason in using a charging pod is the convenience of not having to plug in and pull out your usb cord, trust me, trying to make it charge with this case on is not worth the hassle. The time it takes to position it properly to charge, you could have plug the cord in and out like 10 times.

    Please take note that this is tested on the Black Case-Mate Barely There case that has been linked to in the first paragraph. If you get the aluminum one or some other fancy design and it doesn't fit, don't blame me.

    So next time if somebody ask you, "Does the phone charges with the case-mate case on?" The answer is not really...
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    09-20-11 06:31 AM