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    I recently, and after some long "creative income management" got to move from a 9650 on 2G up to a Bold 9900 on 4G. Immensely thrilled. Anyhow, I wanted a charge dock because I used the one I had every night (or day in the case of being midnight shift.) I have read that the small black blog charging pod for the 9900 is a real pain to deal with. I saw the above dock on eBay, which so happens to have a BB logo and a full out oem product badge on the bottom. I don't see this charger available on the CB store so I'm slightly suspicious but I do like the ease of use that thing looks to have. I use everything else absolutely OEM (usb cable, car charger, wall charger, holster) but this...?

    Is this an actual BB designed charger or a knockoff with some company swag?
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    08-23-13 10:18 AM
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    I would be suspicious for sure. This is NOT the style of the 9900 charger.
    08-23-13 10:32 AM
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    That is a knock off. This is the OEM Bold 9900 charging pod: BlackBerry Charging Pod Bundle for Bold 9930, Bold 9900 | BlackBerry Cradles | ShopCrackBerry

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    08-23-13 10:40 AM
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    Thanks for the prompt responses. I suppose that leads to question two; would there be much risk of danger to my phone using that? I bet I'm out a couple bucks because I'm not sure I want to risk it. Some knockoff, I can't wait to see the inventory number on that BB badge on the bottom.

    Sure would've been nice. It looks modeled after my former 9650's pod too.
    08-23-13 01:52 PM

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