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    This is my third Blackberry. First one was like a 8700 or something like that for work. Just gave up my 8100 Pearl. I have also had HP PDA's, Motorola phones, etc. ALL used the same charger, cable to computer, etc. Some kind of USB. So I was able to move around devices and charge them everywhere, home, work, car, etc, without moving around charging cables.

    The new Storm uses a different adapter at the phone end. What's the difference. Why change?

    Thanks for any info. I looked around and could not easily find my answer.
    03-10-09 04:57 PM
  2. jodyberry's Avatar
    It's still USB, just thinner. Made to work on thinner electronic products. (Yet another version that makes us buy a new cable!!)

    I believe it's called Micro-B:

    Universal Serial Bus - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
    03-10-09 05:09 PM
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    motorola makes a mini to micro adapter cable that's about 3 inches long - you can find them on the web for $3-4. also, with a USB to mini dongle, the whole thing is about 4 inches long.
    03-10-09 05:12 PM
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    03-10-09 05:33 PM