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    My cable that came with my Tour will charge and synch just fine when connected to a PC/Laptop.

    I have an adapter that plugs into the car socket and then has a USB port. (5V@1000mA) When I use my USB cable that came with the phone, it doesn't charge. But when I use the cable that came with my Jawbone, it charges the phone just fine.

    What gives? Can't be a current issue since it works with one cable, but not the other. Unless the charge+sync cable is wired differently than that charge only cable that came with the Jawbone.

    I know my phone will charge on less than the USB spec (5v@500ma) as I have a wall charger than came with my old Samsung bluetooth that is 5V@250ma and that charges my phone just fine - albeit a bit slower.

    I think BB's are tempermental when it comes to charging.
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    04-07-10 04:30 PM
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    It's possible its a connection issue maybe? Also its possible that one USB is a dummy cable (just power) and has no data wired into it.

    Just guessing, USB irritates me.
    04-07-10 04:55 PM