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    I wanted to get some opinions on cases for my phone that I just purchased. I was orignally planing on going with a leather pouch that would allow me to put it in my pocket, but I just discovered Otterbox. So I was wondering if anybody could give me their opinion on them. Also anybody know of a good screen protector in case I go with the leather pouch?
    11-11-11 08:24 PM
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    I went with an incipio silicrylic case and love it. Its got some deacent protection but minimal bulk. The otterbox ones seem great but I dont want a huge phone. I have used stealth shieldz from ebay for the past 3 years or so and love them. They are similar to the zagg, ghost armour, etc but less than half the price.

    With these types of screen protectors your supposed to use liquid to put them on but I have applied over a dozen without water and always get great results. I just ordered a full body "screen protector"-esque thing from phantomskinz and am looking forward to putting it on. Its the same self healing protector which also gives great grip. Ive had stealth shieldz on my old phone for over a year and its not peeling at all, has no scratches, and has been more than worth the price. highly recommended.

    It seems like your looking for more of a 100% drop proof protector, so I say go for a full body "self healing" coating, and use it with the oem blackberry leather pouch. They have the magnetic thing so it is automatically on lock down but the phone itself will be slim and will have great grip. Use code fall20 for phantomskinz to get them for 20% off.
    11-11-11 08:54 PM
  3. jammerd's Avatar
    Thanks for the info. The main thing for me is that I want to be able to carry it around in my pocket without having to worry about damaging it.
    11-11-11 11:04 PM
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    I had an OtterBox Defender case for my Tour, great protection, just too bulky. For my last two devices I've used an OEM pocket pouch and it's given my phones excellent protection. I did a little searching about screen protectors when I was considering the Samsung GS2. I think for the best results you should look for the ones with the 2 pull tabs used when applying to the screen. I definitely wouldn't use any of the ones that you need to apply with water or any other type of "solution".
    11-12-11 07:17 AM
  5. jammerd's Avatar
    11-13-11 02:15 AM