1. Jay21fire's Avatar
    Need some thoughts on a good case for my 9700 that's pretty decently priced! Not to fond of the gel skins but like the idea!!!! Any help would be great like the case u think is good and the website to purchase. Thanks everyone

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    01-13-10 07:31 PM
  2. vietalogy#CB's Avatar
    01-13-10 07:50 PM
  3. noaim's Avatar
    I like my otterbox impact series case love it
    01-13-10 08:02 PM
  4. rchartier's Avatar
    I have a OEM skin, and its kinda lose. Lots of people are complaining about it so I decided to order 3 epik cases. Popular around here. They are like the iskin cases but alot cheaper.
    01-13-10 10:37 PM
  5. Nelimungous's Avatar
    Case-mate Hybrid for the 9700 is a very sound product. Mine looks great in the black one!

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    01-13-10 10:55 PM
  6. word_play's Avatar
    EPIK... no question
    01-13-10 11:22 PM
  7. taylorabrown's Avatar
    I alternate between the incipio feather and the otterbox commuter. Both are awesome and protect great. I also use a screen protector that I got from bestbuy that has turned out to be awesome.
    01-13-10 11:42 PM