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    I don't really care for the case that came with my Bold. It blocks the light, so I don't know if I have any messages without removing it from the case.
    So I have been looking for a case like the OEM one I had for my Curve. I saw this one in the store and wanted to know if anyone has one


    The store says it is for the 88xx and the Bold, so when I was in a local store I tried a couple of their 8800 and 8830 cases, but the top flap would not stay closed.

    Is my Bold just fat? Or is there something special about this case? The MFG's part number listed is for a RIM 8800/8830 OEM Case.

    12-29-08 09:09 PM
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    I have been using the case-mate smart skin and really like it. No belt clip but I keep it in my pocket anyway. I also have the Blackberry leather pouch and like that too. I do not use the holster that came with my Bold as I feel it is too bulky and I have no need for the belt clip.

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    12-29-08 09:47 PM
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    I just got the Seidio Innocase Surface and have to say its awesome. I went with the combo deal that comes with both the case and the holster. I was really after a case that would be clean and slick with out adding any extra bulk. This is the best solution I could find and am very happy with it. I do have to say if you need to do a battery pull it is a bit tough to get off.

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    12-29-08 11:49 PM
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    I have been through this already and wasted money on multiple various cases.

    The best is the Seidio Innocase combo with holster, u wont regret it.

    As for performing a battery pull, you can mimic that with ALT-SHFT-DEL, no need to physically do it in most cases.

    12-30-08 12:05 AM
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    As for performing a battery pull, you can mimic that with ALT-SHFT-DEL, no need to physically do it in most cases.

    Pete, what's the trick to get this key combination to reboot the handset? All I get from the homescreen is a prompt stating that "Applications in this folder will e moved to main applications list. Delete Settings?"
    12-30-08 01:18 AM
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    Ah! Got it!!

    Apparently it needs to simultaneously be: Alt + Right Shift + Delete.
    12-30-08 01:23 AM