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    Hi all....

    Looking into purchasing a case. I kinda like the "SUPER SLIM HYBRID HARD CASE FOR PEARL II " from Seidio.

    I also ordered the skin from BESTSKINSEVER.....and I'm waiting for it to come in. My only thought is I would like to have a little more "girth" to the phone when I hold it....but I do like the holster.

    Any thoughts outthere for which case is best? Definiately looking for something slim...and will still keep my phone in my pocket and not on my belt!!

    As you can see.........my addiction is growing!! Ordering cases and thinking about ordering different ones before the first one even arrives!!!
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    02-20-08 09:04 AM
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    I have the hybrid case and there is no appreciable increase in size. I do question its ruggedness...I've dropped the phone and the whole thing pops off…not sure the clips that hold the back and front together will last (I guess it would help if I stop dropping it).
    02-20-08 09:56 AM
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    That's an interesting point jscott. Make me questions whether that case is right or not....

    Just not sure I guess!! Any one else out there have a case they love?
    02-20-08 11:32 AM
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    I ordered 3 different cases from Amazon.com last week for my 8130 because they were so cheap there (all less than $4), I'll review them for u guys when they arrive I think two of them were Seidio.
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