1. Quizno's Avatar
    Hello, i'm kinda new to crackberry and this is my first time owning a blackberry. while i'm impressed over the phone in general i want to save some energy and i was wondering what case would be the best to buy that has the magnet to put the phone to sleep mode... but yet i still want to be able to listen to music on my motorcycle while it's in the case.. is this possible??
    01-11-09 06:25 PM
  2. greydarrah's Avatar
    Don't know about listening to music part, but I like the leather BB case that Verizon sells. It works great. In the near future, a company called Vaja will have a few case options for the Storm that look pretty cool. Also, look on the ShopCarackBerry site. I know a lot of people like the Innocase.

    01-11-09 06:31 PM
  3. Quizno's Avatar
    lol i also use the rubber case on the outside and i know the one verizon sells is way to tight of a fit for that... otherwise i would of bought it
    01-11-09 06:36 PM