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    I'm sure the answer is somewhere on the forum but my searches are probably too vague. I will be getting a Bold soon and was wondering about a case/protection for it.

    Here's what I want:
    Something to protect the screen from scratches and the sides from drops.

    Something that I can put on my belt but not a holster with a swivel. I had a swivel holster for an old Nokia and snapped it 2 days after getting it while walking through a doorway.

    Something that won't be too much of a pain to use the charging cradle with.

    I am not sure if something like that exists. The question seems to be is there a case that will protect the Bold but also allow to be put in a pouch and allow easy access to put in the cradle. I could go with a holster as long as it can protect the Bold and not break if snagged on a doorway. I don't want to carry around the Bold in my pocket.
    12-04-08 10:45 AM
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    As far protectin ur screen and sides from scratches get bestskinsever full protection skin.
    If u want a holster da bold comes with a pretty decent onen but u can't put a skin on it, than it'll be too bulk
    With da shield from BSE ur bold won't scratch and u can still use da holster. Just don't drop it.
    If u think ure gona drop it otterbox makes a good skin for drops but ur bold is gona be really bulk. U won't be able to use da holster, do batt pulls, or da cradle.
    I jus use da shield and be extra careful with it. I'm on day 31 and my bold is scratch free!

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    12-04-08 12:22 PM