1. ttothey's Avatar
    Does anyone have a case for your 8830 that has something (either soft or hard plastic) that covers the screen? I'm looking for a case that allows me to see the screen and still have it protected. Does anyone have one of those that they've ordered from this site, or let me know where you ordered it from. Thanks
    02-26-08 02:41 PM
  2. jl3immeker's Avatar
    I love mine. I ordered it from Crackberry, the Krussel, totally enclosed skin case. I need to take it out every once in awhile to get some dust particles out, but not a scratch found and very easy to utilize the keyboard.
    02-26-08 03:08 PM
  3. rswaz's Avatar
    I use a combination of the Seidio rubberized case with the Screenguardz plastic screen protectors. They both work very well and they do not compromise the use of the device or the display at all.
    02-26-08 05:30 PM
  4. DigtheBerry's Avatar
    I got my skin from bestskins it's been on for months.. covers everything but the keyboard... It still looks brandy spankin new !!

    oops.. edit that... best skins ever
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    02-27-08 11:56 AM
  5. mededitor's Avatar
    I'm also using a Krussel case, the "Classic" with the multidapt clip. I love it---it covers the screen and the keyboard, has openings for access to everything, and the multidapt clip is great with the Krussel multidapt windshield phone holder.

    I have to take my BB out of the case when I charge it in the BlackBerry Powerstation, but I usually use the USB connection to charge, so it's not a big inconvenience.

    I tend to go through a lot of cases until I find one that I like, and so far it seems like this one is a "keeper."
    02-27-08 10:00 PM
  6. unith's Avatar
    Hey everybody this is my first post. Otter Boxes are the best thing since sliced bread. "Drop proof", water resistant, and cool looking. I got the Defender Series.
    02-29-08 01:57 AM
  7. baldheadjim's Avatar
    I have a Verizon case made by Xentris. It is leather form fitting with swivel belt clip and built in plastic screen protector. Keyboard and track ball are open. I like it but dust gets into the case on keyboard and between screen protector and screen.
    02-29-08 08:30 AM