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    I know there are hundreds of threads about what case and form of protection to purchase, but none seem to be answering my questions.

    First, the Seidio Innocase II seems to be the popular choice... but I hear that it's hard to remove? Also, that doesn't provide protection for the screen. And, the case itself, it doesn't seem like much protection at all? What is it protecting? If the phone takes a face-first fall to a hard floor... the screen is what's going to take the damage. Does this case only protect the "titanium" area?

    Secondly, I use my Blackberry 8900 with the leather pouch it came with. I like pulling it out of the pouch, using it, then tossing it back into the pouch and then my pocket. I'd like to continue using a pouch with any case I happen to get. Do most pouches still have the magnets that put the phone into holster mode? What about the Innocase 360? It seems like the cover on the back would inhibit the magnet sleep mode.

    Help me out here, there's a slight "blemish/wear" on the bottom left of my phone (this is my 2nd 8900, both of them had this blemish... so it has to be something I'm doing)... and I'd like to keep it as fresh and new as possible. I'm sure nothing can be done about the constant wiping of the screen/ear-area from casual use...

    04-20-09 01:10 PM
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    Awww, really? No input at all? =/
    04-21-09 01:25 PM
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    I use the RIM silicone skin (soon to be the innocase II). I use a 8800 SPE side pouch. It's not too snug of a fit but it's tight enough it won't fall out. I'll be able to say more about the innocase tomorrow when it comes in.

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    04-21-09 01:37 PM
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    I currently use the innocase II and it fits perfectly into my rex regina case from my old 8320. I have no problems getting this case off at all. I just ordered the 360.
    04-21-09 02:19 PM
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    Innocase works great for me along with my old 8320 side pouch

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    04-21-09 02:37 PM
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    Awww, really? No input at all? =/
    Impatient much??? 15 minutes?!?!? LOL.... just teasing!!

    So to answer your questions... the Innocase II will protect against anything but a drop on the screen on the corner of a hard object. That is what a screen protector is good for!!! While in the Innocase if the phone hits the ground most of the time it will be protected.... it sold me one day when i droped it and it bounced like 4 or 5 times. Not a scratch on the phone or screen protector.

    I would recommend you get the Innocase II and the Clarivue crystal clear screen protector.

    However, if you can wait a day or so I have the newer Innocase 360 on order and myself and other will post reviews of the products. It has a KB and screen protector built in. The only question on this case so far is the type of fasteners used to hold them together or "clam style" cases.

    Also you would need to get another holster if you wish to use the sleep function because the pouch that comes with the phone will not work with the Innocase, it is just a bit larger than the naked phone but enough that it will not fit.
    04-21-09 02:58 PM
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    This is the combo I purchased:
    Innocase II Surface Combo, Black

    They also have this one:
    Innocase II Surface / Horizontal Leather Case Combo, Black

    And here is the new 360 I have on the way:
    04-21-09 03:02 PM
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    Impatient much??? 15 minutes?!?!? LOL.... just teasing!!
    Heh, it's been 1 day and 15 minutes

    I'll wait to hear some info on the 360, then. Pairing it with a nice sleep-enabled pouch will be the following task.

    Thanks for the input!
    04-21-09 03:16 PM
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    Sorry about that..... LOL. That is unusual!!!

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    04-21-09 03:53 PM
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    I have the innocase II and love it. not hard to take apart at all. I used the seidio horizontal case, but it didnt fit right, so I replaced it with a BB Bold case that I got from Amazon for less than $20
    04-21-09 10:10 PM