02-12-12 10:29 PM
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  1. StumptownBold's Avatar
    I originally got a case for mine, but found the lock and camera buttons were harder to push (I've heard this with many types of cases). I also found the keys on the right and left edges (alt, a, q. And return key, delete key, and p) become just a little bit obstructed by most cases, although there are a couple cases out there that are more tappered on the edges.

    Also, when you put a case on it, you can no longer see that nice, shinny bezel around the phone. I love the look of it and it seems like a crime to cover it up. People often ask if it's an iPhone because of this at first glance.

    I've been going naked on my phone for months now. Although it seemed slippery at first, I feel like I've gotten used to it. Locking and camera buttons are soooo much easier now. Quick and easy. Also, I have no screen protector and its pretty much flawless. I even have coins in the same pocket with the phone (sometimes even rubbing against the screen itself, which sounds horrible). So far, NOTHING! No scratches!

    While I do like how cases give you more of a grip, this phone is just too beautiful with a case. I really don't like how phone cases (especially the otterbox styles) make the phone so much more bulky. I really prefer to carry my phone in my pockets and with a big, bulky case, its just too much. Isn't very comfortable in the pocket. This is just my take on the case. As for battery pulls, going naked you don't have to keep removing the case for the battery door access.

    Try it naked/without a case for a week or so and see what you think. I'm staying naked!
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    I found the 9900 naked to be too thin, so I had to get a case...Well in my case (no pun intended), I bought 3, two of which are Otterbox'es: Impact and Commuter. Call me a fool but I'm currently using a (presumably) China-made case which I bought in Jakarta during my trip there, and it's made typing even more addictive!

    So yeah, I would get a case (a silicone one that is) for better grip.
    02-12-12 02:43 AM
  3. olblueyez's Avatar
    For a lightweight skin the "iSkin vibes" is nice. Much better than the Blackberry version.
    02-12-12 06:36 PM
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    For a lightweight skin the "iSkin vibes" is nice. Much better than the Blackberry version.
    If you are going to use the case with a 9000 holster, the BlackBerry shell case works better. I bought an iSkins Vibe and found it was too sticky for sliding into the holster. The BlackBerry soft shell case also leaves a tiny bit of the metal bezel exposed and does not cramp the edges of the keyboard like other cases.
    02-12-12 07:17 PM
  5. vecharo's Avatar
    seidio surface w/ holster. at first, like stumptownbold, i just wanted it naked. it's a beautiful phone and i love showing it 'as is'. so i walked around flaunting it naked at first. then i dropped it, dropped and it skidded and did the 'drop kick' in the span of about 2 days. i now have scuff marks on my bezel...which is covered by my seidio :-)
    i like the seidio surface because it's very easy to get on and off. just slide the bottom and top together (versus snapping them together on the side).
    02-12-12 07:35 PM
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    I love the bb9900 but its a delicate phone. Had a cover from bling from day 1. The rubberised feel of the case gave it a much needed grip. However, the exposed bottom & sides still managed to get a few dents in there. Had been eyeing the Case Mate Tough(dual layer) for awhile. Finally got it. Have to say, this cover is the ultimate. Soft layer against the phone and hard rubberised cover on the outside. Superb grip & not bulky at all. Its one of those 'put it on & forget about it' cases. Brilliant imo.
    02-12-12 10:29 PM
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