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    I found that when I got the OtterBox for my new 9810 that the screen felt very loose. I found after playing with it for a few minutes that it in fact did not make the screen loose, but because of the bottom clip that holds the faceplate in place, the case was not allowing the slider to fully close. I hated this as everytime I clicked the track pad, the BB buttons, or just held the screen it just felt bad and it felt like the case might cause issues to the slider mechanism in the future. On top of the feel the case gave I also found that because the slider was not fully closing it was a pain about 80% of the time to get the screen orientation to change, which really sucked for games, movies, and being able to silently type so I wouldn't wake my Wife up at 2 O'clock in the morning when I can't sleep and I check in on Facebook.

    Now for the fix. I didn't find anything wrong with the top clip for the face plate but the bottom one had to go. So I carefully trimmed the bottom clip off with a razor blade and smoothed it out then I simply took some double sided adhesive tape and put a narrow strip on both sides of the slider and another going across the bottom and placed the face plate on like normal. Now there is no wiggle in the screen when I use the touch screen keyboard or use the buttons on the slider, and my screen is well protected if it ever falls face down on a hard surface. Also the orientation problem is completely gone and I have had no other issuses what so ever. I realize that this may not be a suitable fix for a lot of people but as a contractor I needed a case that could stand up to some abuse but still be small enough to slide into a suit pocket during special events and as per usual the OtterBox commuter case has fit the bill everytime!
    01-05-12 09:54 PM