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    Okay, there is a scary similarity between Crackberry.com and the BMW and VW forums I'm a member of. Just like I obsess over, modify and accessorize my cars, I'm finding myself falling into the same trap with this darn Blackberry. And from what I can see of the membership here, it's a common obsession. The primary difference is that wheels, sport suspension, engine management tuning, audio systems, etc. cost a heck of a lot more than themes, colored housings and trackballs.

    ...and there are a lot more female members here than on the car forums.

    Anyway, I've had my Curve 8330 for about a week now. I noticed what looked like a couple tiny water droplets on the screen the other night, and tried to wipe it off with my thumb. Then I had those "droplets" AND finger smudges. So I tried to use a soft cloth to clean off the screen and managed to lightly scuff the screen. And... those little "droplets" are still there. I honestly don't know if it's a defect in the plastic cover or the LCD screen itself.

    So I began thinking about buying a replacement screen cover/lens. Then I began thinking about replacing the entire silver front cover with a black one (that has a lens included.) Then I thought about replacing the battery door with the Seidio black rubberized one to match the side rails.Then I wondered if I should bother dropping personal money on a company-issued Blackberry.

    But I'm obsessive about keeping things shiny and cool looking.

    Well, I ordered a screen protector from Best Skins Ever. At a minimum, I want to keep the screen as good as possible just for my own sanity (using a device with a messed up or dirty screen drives me nuts.)

    • Should I apply the BSE over the existing slightly scuffed screen?
    • Should I replace just the screen lens? If so, what adhesive is needed, and will it look OEM, or will it look hacked up?
    • Should I replace the front cover with a black one? Finding just the front is harder than getting the whole housing kit.
    • Is the Seidio battery cover a perfect match for the OEM rubberized side rails?
    • Or should I just bit the bullet and get a complete housing kit? If so, do they come with the foam gaskets and whatnot?

    Gah! Such a simple thing, and it's driving me insane!
    03-25-09 03:17 PM
  2. LoJac963's Avatar
    I'm right there with ya, I've had mine for a month now and I'm dying to do a full case change for maybe black or metallic blue but the cases are kinda pricey, not to mention I don't want to take that plunge just yet. Luckily I've kept the phone in pristine condition, immediately put a silicone skin on it and invisible shield on the screen to keep everything pretty. I did however order a red trackball with the black smaller ring (not the larger chrome ring) so we'll see how things go.
    03-25-09 03:21 PM
  3. rachel0179's Avatar
    You used a cloth and the screen scuffed? how hard did you clean it? sheesh LOL

    1- up to you, you cant take it off and reapply though, it becomes streched out when you pull it.
    2- if the screen bugs you scuffed from a cloth, then replace and then use the BSE
    the adhesive usally comes with the lens, amazon has them, cnn.cn has them also.
    3- I beleive it is.
    4- thats up to you, its your phone.
    03-25-09 03:21 PM
  4. Pixel Hunter's Avatar
    You used a cloth and the screen scuffed? how hard did you clean it? sheesh LOL
    Apparently the screen is much easier to scratch than you'd think. I used an eyeglass cleaning cloth, meant not to scratch the glasses you use them on. But it would seem that there was either some grit on the screen or on the cloth, and while trying to "polish" out the imperfections, I made it much, much worse.
    03-26-09 09:37 AM