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    Has anyone heard of or own this particular case: Case-Mate BlackBerry Curve 8520 / 8530 Chrome. This case does indeed look pretty sleek, however, I need to know if anyone can actually recommend it? Im not worreid about the lack of protection this case may give, all I really want to know is if it looks sexy on my curve. If you own one and if its not too much to ask could you post some pics of it on the bb and some by itself please. If you dont own one but can still recommend it, then be my guest. Thanks!

    For those that dont know what case Im talking about I will leave you some pics.

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  2. nfldberryuser's Avatar
    I have this one, but I can't post any pics - sorry.

    It's a good case. The pictures are a little misleading because the back near the camera looks dark, but in fact it's all the same color. It's a fingerprint magnet though and, unlike the other case mate barely there cases, it feels like metal, so if you're concerned about dropping it, this may not be the case for you. The sides of the case don't extend above the housing of the device, so if it drops face down, you may damage it. Also, the screen protector is a real pain to install. You need to be careful around the send / end keys especially because I think that could probably break easily if you applied too much pressure trying to remove air bubbles from the screen protector.

    All that said, it is a pretty good case if you're looking for a distinct look and you don't need serious protection, i.e., Ottorbox.
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    My wife has this case but in green (I know it says chrome above), she loves the case because it's low profile, but still adds some grip and protection. I agree on the screen protector, I got fed up installing it and we left it off. normally screen protectors aren't bad, and I don't have trouble with the Storm ones, but for some reason this one gave me a fit...

    the cases fit well, I would recommend Case-Mate to others!
    02-02-10 07:36 AM
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    Its a pitty you cant put up any pics of the case, nfldberryuser. All in all you did described the case very well and I think you have helped me make my decision, and thank you for that. However, before I fork out money to order it from the U.S to be shipped all the way to the U.K I am going on a hunt to find some 'real pics' of this case. I knew these pics had to be a little misleading, it just looked to dam sexy and I needed to know the truth, hence why I made this post lol.

    Yea gthoffman, I had serious issues with the screen protector before.. it just cant fit on properly at the bottom because the lines between the call/menu & back/end buttons stick out a bit. Cant really notice the air bubbles on white curves but its very noticeable and annoying on black ones.

    Thanks for your help guys!
    If anyone else would like to add anything about the case then go right ahead, and if you have pics then put them up!
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