1. Smerri's Avatar
    I think the consensus I have gotten from reading numerous posts since the Storms release is you have to give it time. I know I played with one at Circuit City the other day and wasn't jumping for joy. Maybe because it was the touch screen is a whole new concept for me or what but after reading, it seems there are plenty of people who were not overly impressed with the phone on release, but have really come to love it.

    Am I on the right track here with some people that even if you might not be in love on day one, if you give some time to get used to it, you may really begin to like the phone?
    12-03-08 10:25 AM
  2. troutseth's Avatar
    This is very true - you are dealing with a completly new way of data entry. If you come from a dumb phone or touch screen I think you will love it. If you come from another BB reviews will be mixed depending on how much typing you do (physical keyboard is always going to be quicker for most).
    12-03-08 10:35 AM
  3. troutseth's Avatar
    Oh, if you are coming from Winmo like me . . . . you will love BB - even though the Storm is not as fast as some other BB - it is blazing compared to my WM phones.
    12-03-08 10:35 AM
  4. azzurri94's Avatar
    I have been using BB's now for about 2 years now and I must say that I love this phone. Earlier this year I tried the iPhone for 5 months when I realized that I really hate it. Went back to the Curve. I have had the storm for 1 week and I must say that I am really happy with it. I don't expect the Storm to be the greatest at release. But I do believe the phone will be much better than the iPhone once all of the bugs are worked out.
    12-03-08 10:44 AM
  5. llfalcon's Avatar
    I came from an antique dumb phone. The Storm is my first touch screen as well as my first Blackberry. The first few days I despised the cursed thing and wanted my money back. But then I spent an entire day of quality time with my Storm, and came to love it. There is quite the learning curve for some, but for me, it has been worth every minute and every cent.

    I forced myself to reply to my sister's lengthy daily emails to get better on the keyboard, and I played WordMole to improve as well. I also read all the tips and tricks on any forum I could find and learned a bunch of stuff that simply was not in the manual - I know because I actually read the thing several times and even before I got my Storm.
    12-03-08 10:52 AM
  6. juKe187's Avatar
    yeah, you'll like it after I say 2 days of messing around with it, and luckily you will be able to get the .75 update right away which will greatly enhance your experience.
    12-03-08 10:55 AM
  7. mfoster7's Avatar
    I could not agree more! I am new to BB and returned my storm the first night! I thought about it and went on the hunt 48 hours later and bought another one!!

    I forced myself to stay with it and after a few days I LOVE IT. It does have issues that I am confident BB will fix (software). It does work WAY better with the paper under the battery... however== after doing the leaked .75 i do have some bugs and I keep taking the battery out to clear it----> I have noticed a HUGE difference (and some no-click/touch at all issues) with where you place the paper in that compartment.

    Just do some tests and you will get it. And as for me, I intend to stay with the storm like a good StormTrooper.
    12-03-08 11:02 AM
  8. Smerri's Avatar
    Thanks for the replies folks. When my VZW gets more in stock (and this next patch is released) I will probably end up giving it a shot. Worse case scenario, I return it, but I will certainly take my time to learn the thing.

    Thanks for taking the time to reply, looking forward to getting mine and messing around with it and learning something new.
    12-03-08 01:26 PM
  9. Habious's Avatar
    I agree. I'm a former Palm user so, even on Day 1, the Storm was a major improvement; I really liked it.

    Now that I've taken the time to learn it, to customize it the way I want it to be, to read the tips and tricks here, and to figure out a few of my own,...yeah, now I LOVE it...and LOVE to show it off to people.

    I sold one at Best Buy last weekend (no, I don't work there). There was a father and daughter looking at one. The person behind the counter didn't know much about it (she was taking one out of the box for the first time; had literally never held one before). I took mine out and showed it off; including my negatives (screen lag - at the time running .65). They saw the power, the potential...and they bought it. Too bad I didn't get a commission!
    12-03-08 01:58 PM
  10. The_Adonis's Avatar
    Well that's in general with "ALL" things not to be funny. If you have a Tv that you've owned for 10 yrs and replace it. The new one is going to look funny, feel funny etc. It just takes time.

    I had the 8830 which I came to love and when I made the upgrade to the storm. I thought I would never be able to type nearly as fast as I did on the 8830 but it's coming along. We are all learning together about this phone. All we got was a base phone. There is no telling what this thing will/can do until we play with it or are told by our vendors.
    12-03-08 01:59 PM