1. firemanprice's Avatar
    Whats going on CB fam. Like many of you I to am loving my S2. I want from a Pearl to the Curve. From the Curve to the Tour, and now, well you guess. Here's what I found with my S2, please let me know if you are or have had this happen to you. When I place my S2 in my universal pouch that I brought from Verizon. It has a magnet so it puts the phone in sleep mode. Cool know problem with that, my other BB phones have done this. How ever when I get a phone call and remove my BB from the case the screen looks crazy. The top half of the screen shows that I have a call. The bottom of the screen shows my home screen. When I click to pick up the call, phone will not respond. When I leave it out of the pouch and get a call I have know problems in answering my phone. Any idea's thanks guys and have a good night.
    11-08-09 05:53 PM