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    Hi all,
    I am a new BB 8900 owner and I am in the market for a couple of bits for my new addiction.

    I want to keep the silver bits of the phone looking nice and new so I am thinking about investing in a rubber skin case.
    For $9.99 i figure you can't go wrong (unless someone can point me at a better deal).

    I also want to get a case for my Berry and think that I may as well get an orgaizer style case, that way I can ditch my wallet.

    I would like something that can carry the following:
    • 8900
    • 2 ATM/Credit cards
    • Gym Card
    • Train Pass
    • A few Business Cards (In a holder but can be loose)
    • Cash (Sadly not a lot)

    I have seen the couple of options in the shop on Crackberry but wondered if anyone knew of any others.

    I live in the UK so it would be great of someone new of a UK based retailer, but I am just as happy to order from the US.

    Cheers for your advice.
    05-22-09 04:51 AM