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    I am a proud owner of a Blackberry Curve 8330 (my first BB) and I was shopping around for cases and came across the Body-Glove case and wanted to get some opinion on which case is the best...I need a case that will provide protection for my BB but is also not too bulky and looks good and feels comfortable...im leaning toward the Body Glove..i can probably get it on ebay for around $13
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    08-19-09 03:33 PM
  2. Dubbin1's Avatar
    I have one but stopped using it in favor for a diff case. The BG make the phone HUGE and the face scratches really easy.
    08-19-09 05:16 PM
  3. skittl3z's Avatar
    which one do u have?
    08-19-09 05:43 PM
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    Look into the Otterbox Defenders Series. It is bulky yes, but provides excellent protection for your BB. My BB looks brand new when I take it out of the case.

    But it also depends on how much protection you need. I need as much as I can for my job. I have dropped it from a good height while on a ladder and not a scratch or problem.
    08-19-09 05:43 PM
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    i don't need a lot of protection...just a drop from my hands and when it is in my pocket so my screen doesn't scratch..thats it. Other than that im very good with keeping my phone safe
    08-19-09 05:48 PM
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    Here is what I recommend - this is what I have for my Curve:

    I got myself the Zagg Invisible Shield screen protector from Best Buy, it was pricey, but they put it on for you and it looks amazing! I also have a black silicone cover around my berry. This provides protection from scratches, minor drops, and I can put it in my pocket knowing that I wont scratch it up.

    Hope this helps!
    08-19-09 07:37 PM
  7. skittl3z's Avatar
    k thanks for the help..but its not too bulky with both cases is it?
    08-19-09 07:50 PM
  8. BerrySky's Avatar
    With the body glove, it is very bulky. I know this because I had that case before I switched over to my silicone case. With the silicone case, it doesn't add any bulk at all...even has a better grip!
    08-19-09 08:04 PM
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    I've personally went the case route and went crazy and bought about 15 off ebay, now i use none, my blackberry thank god is durable i've dropped it on tile twice and all i had to push back in was the trackball part and put the back and battery back in, thank god because i'm a clutz, so i say no cases what so ever!
    08-19-09 09:09 PM
  10. Dubbin1's Avatar
    which one do u have?
    I got THIS case along with THIS holster, then I put a screen protector on it. Yes its pricey but its just what I was looking for and hardly adds any bulk to the phone.
    08-19-09 09:10 PM
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    I just bought a hard plastic case for my 8330 off Ebay for less than $7 after trying a silicone cover that I couldn't get clean because of it being made out of rubber + it covered up a bit of the bottom keys. I like the hard case as it bulked the phone up just enough to protect the screen if the phone is dropped on its face but not too much to not fit in my belt holster. Find its easier to hang onto when texting as well with a biy more bulk.

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    08-19-09 09:16 PM
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    I have the bodyglove on my curve I'm goint to the otterbox but I need a lot of protection. The bodyglove has served me well my curve looks new.

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    08-20-09 06:59 AM
  13. KateS's Avatar
    I have a Seidio case- I like it a lot, it's a hard case but not too bulky, it still manages to fit in my pockets on the occassion it needs to be there. If you want something to cover your screen, you'd have to get a separate protector- I had the privacy one so people can't see what you're doing.
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    08-20-09 07:11 AM
  14. klrodrigues's Avatar
    I also have a Seidio case with a screen protector & haven't had any problems with it.
    08-20-09 07:48 AM
  15. Pared3s's Avatar
    I have been using the BG for a couple of months now. It's a good case that protects it well. The trade-off is the added bulk. But you have to consider that the added bulk is added shock protection from drops. If the case were thinner it wouldn't provide as much. I tried a silicon case but I didn't like how it attracted lint and dirt in my pocket. The BG has a rubbery texture but doesn't attract any of that. The silicon case does warp too. I haven't had any problems with the protective screen scratching that much. I figure it's better than the screen getting scratched. The thing I hate is the bulkiness of the belt clip. The case is also easily removable to get to the battery compartment and cleaning.

    My advice is to try to check it out in the store if you can. Radio Shack carries it near me or try any cell store.

    Good luck!
    08-20-09 09:14 AM
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    Thanks for heads up.
    08-20-09 10:20 AM
  17. firebuff's Avatar
    hey BerrySky,

    hi my friend just wanted to know did the people at best buy really put on the Zagg Invisible Shield for you.....was there a charge..thanks for any info and take care and be safe
    08-20-09 10:23 AM