1. Volcom's Avatar
    I finally got a car mount. It was a windshield mount and came with some vent clips. Well I already broke the windshield mount and left with the vent mount, which I like much better.

    But since I cannot close the vent, the phone gets the temp of whatever temp i have running. In the summer, i don't mind if my Tour gets cold from the AC but I'm worried about winter went heater is going to be on blast, especially during snowboard season. I know I will be using the GPS traveling to different mountains.

    Will this be an issue?
    08-21-09 08:48 PM
  2. meyer's Avatar
    this wouldn't happen to be the one off ebay would it? for like 5 bucks?
    08-21-09 08:52 PM
  3. Volcom's Avatar
    Yes it was

    Are they cheaply made?

    I thought I was just really strong...
    08-21-09 08:58 PM
  4. meyer's Avatar
    no the reason i asked is because mine should be here in the next day or two! hahahaha!! i figured for $5 if it breaks, so be it. actually i was hoping teh vent clip was better than the window attachment. so they both suck or just the window one so far?
    08-21-09 09:01 PM
  5. jfriend33's Avatar
    I just dont get it. with the phones like the motorola startac, an t720 or even the v60...

    model specific mounts were available for these phones...sometimes you would have to order a cradle that was meant for a handsfree kit, but it would still work...pair it with a vehicle specific mount, and youve got some pretty slick looking stuff...

    why is it that the only cool mount ive seen is in a bmw 3 series...

    i always would put in a panavise indash mount and then hook a phone model specific cradle to that with or without a car kit...

    this whole crap with with air vent clips just looks trashy and not to mention it blocks the flow of AC!!!
    08-21-09 09:03 PM
  6. meyer's Avatar
    the reason i ordered it was hoping i could fabricate something to mount it somewhere completely out of the way of the vent & window. for $5, i don't care if i break it or whatever.
    08-21-09 09:06 PM
  7. Volcom's Avatar
    The neck of the windshield mount has a cheaply bond to the suction cup... I saw where it failed and it was from the bond. The vent part is ok and does what its suppose to. I like it, its sturdy and fits my xrunners vent just fine..

    You shouldn't be able to break the windshield mount unless you can bench more than 20lbs. Otherwise you are too strong for the mount and might require a lil girl to install it.
    08-21-09 09:07 PM
  8. meyer's Avatar
    hhahhha!! well i'm hoping to figure out or make something to make the vent mount working somewhere other than the vent.
    08-21-09 09:26 PM
  9. jfriend33's Avatar
    panavise.com and go to in dash mounts...

    then click on your vehicle make...then click the F (for finished photo) by the appropriate model and year....
    08-21-09 09:28 PM
  10. Volcom's Avatar

    Not too bad...
    09-17-09 06:45 PM
  11. jpr28056's Avatar
    Run your heat out the floor vents and it won't be an issue.
    09-17-09 07:57 PM
  12. JustinD2473#IM's Avatar
    Run your heat out the floor vents and it won't be an issue.
    x2 ... this would work fine i would think
    09-17-09 08:02 PM
  13. jfriend33's Avatar
    i still say panavise...
    09-17-09 09:08 PM
  14. Volcom's Avatar
    Run your heat out the floor vents and it won't be an issue.
    Yup already thought about that. Since I don't like heat on my face anyways....

    09-17-09 10:05 PM