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    I am looking for a car mount + charger for my Bold 9000. Came across this and people seem to be happy with it though I do not intend to use the FM Transmitter in it. I prefer to you bluetooth instead.

    Its on amazon goes by the name
    "Advanced Car Mount System for Blackberry - FM Transmitter & Charger - Hands-Free Calling - Car Stereo MP3 Playback - for BOLD 9000 / 9700 - Curve 8520 GEMINI - World Edition 8800 / 8820 / 8830"
    Other products by Accessory Power
    for $29.99 (sorry not allowed to post links)

    Budget would be around $30-35 I would say.
    Please suggest. Or I should get both separately as it works out cheaper and get better products ?

    03-01-10 11:20 AM
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    I have the Pro Clip holster in my car and its made for each vehicle & device.
    ProClip Mounting System - Device Holders and Dashboard Vehicle Mounts

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