1. Belhade's Avatar
    My Curve is finally ordered and about to be delivered, so it's time to start getting everything ready...

    I have a car charger for my older Motorola phone, it's a Dynex I think with the mini-USB plug. I believe this is the same plug the Curve uses; can I use this charger or should I get one specifically for this phone?

    Similar question for AC adapter; I have a power pack for my (dead) Creative Zen, which also uses the mini-USB jack. Would this be ok to use or are there incompatibilities with voltage and the like?
    10-19-09 04:35 PM
  2. TheSultan's Avatar
    both should work just fine.
    10-19-09 04:38 PM
  3. Belhade's Avatar
    Really? Excellent! I was worried because the Zen power pack won't charge my Motorola phone...
    10-19-09 05:34 PM
  4. david9962000's Avatar
    Check the Amps, make sure it's the same.
    10-19-09 08:31 PM