1. flavioc's Avatar
    I saw this car charger for Blackberry at focal price, do anyone knows if this works with the 8350i?

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    Thanks in Advance,
    11-06-09 12:17 PM
  2. Delrahim69's Avatar
    It does. I have the same charger in my car and it works fine.
    11-06-09 01:20 PM
  3. flavioc's Avatar
    thanks for the reply, I will buy it.
    11-06-09 03:24 PM
  4. fcwchairman's Avatar
    My father and I have the 8350i and I have the charger that I got from the sprint store. But he uses the charger that he got for the motorola razor (work phone) and that works fine too.

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    11-08-09 11:08 AM