1. pcuser's Avatar
    Just want to add that the Capdase alumor case I got for my Blackberry Bold 9790 drastically reduced its radio signal reception. I guess it works like a Faraday cage. Consequently, the battery drain was also horrendous. I have switched to a cheaper gel case and everything is fine now.

    I wrote to Capdase. Guess what, no response.
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    03-25-12 09:24 PM
  2. Tanaydana's Avatar
    Same here. Using the same case, Capdase Alumor case, grrr. Having a hard time getting a good signal when I'm using the case. I always get the SOS thing, can't hardly get 3G sometimes. Actually, I bought 2 cases from Capdase, 1 Alumor and 1 Polimor, I misplaced the Polimor one. Not worthy! Too expensive. Capdase should discontinue the selling of these stupid bulky cases. Will be getting a silicone/jelly case instead
    09-16-12 11:12 PM
  3. blue.bellisima's Avatar
    Finally - I was thinking I was the only one having an issue with the Capdase alumor jacket. I too am having the same issue. My signal is almost nonexistent when I am inside the house and what is the point of having a case that you always have to remove just to get a signal. Too bothersome. Not worth the trouble.
    10-28-12 09:03 AM
  4. djh_wolf's Avatar
    I recall the same thing with an early HTC Tytn2. Case was awesome, but it killed the signal.
    11-19-12 06:49 AM
  5. ritesh's Avatar
    Thanks to this thread, I got a Capdase Silicon case for my 9900.
    11-20-12 02:15 AM
  6. Earl_3's Avatar
    Though I did not buy the Capdase case thought I would throw this in. I bought the Otter box commuter for my 9850 and have been told by numerous friends they hear an echo when I talk to them on phone no Bluetooth. I suspected the case may be an issue so I tested my theory with a friend without him knowing and sure enough case on echo, and case off no echo. The commuter case for 9850 is very thick silicone and practically covers the phone except for screen and buttons. probably affecting the radio signal coupled with the hard plastic back. Nice case. Too bad .
    11-21-12 05:20 AM