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    Can I use this:

    With one a these (And are these worth having at any price?)

    I also like this hard rubber one, it sems better than the goey rubber one, but it is thicker.

    I asked the seller, you can guess the response...nobody really knows.

    I really do not want to use the red holder for a hip holster, just armor. The soft rubber cover is just holding lint and static.
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    Probably not. The model Blackberry in the ad is one that has an opening at the top where that car mount clips into. The Verizon Blackberry in the pic comes with a belt clip that uses that opening in the top to clip on. I would look for a different car mount.
    02-12-09 08:51 PM
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    From what I can tell it clips over the top, not onto it. I really don't want to get a side squeeze mount on a phone with buttons on the side and in a work truck that will bounce it out. I had a side squeeze phone holder last time and FAIL is not a strong enough word.

    I need to find a larger photo.

    Now this looks sturdy.

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    Get the Bury Storm Cradle. Theres a guy on Ebay selling them for 62 bucks and shipping. Love mine. If you go to the Verizon store, they sell and ultra thick skin case with a tire tread pattern on the back. It will provide better protection for the phone and its easier to remove to put in the cradle plus its trucker appropriate . 10 bucks. I went thru 3 of those hard plastic pieces of junk. They break when you try to remove them. Only downside to the case is no belt clip. I put a whole in the back of mine and attached the workings of one of those broken cases to mine. Problem solved. PM me if you want directions on how I did it. The benifit of the Storm cradle is most apparent if you have stereo bluetooth in your truck. Pop the phone out of the cradle, no wires, make your quick selection then po it back in. Much safer when bouncing down the road. Good luck
    02-13-09 11:13 PM
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    So do you think that would work with a rubber cover still on it? I have a OEM silicone cover and I really do not want to take it off every time I jump in and out of the truck.

    I am going to give up on the idea of the snap on cover because of the battery pull thing...
    02-14-09 11:09 PM