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    Hi, does anyone know if it is OK to use my BB 8700c car and travel chargers with my new BB 9000 (Bold)? I'd hate to have to spend more $ if I could use what I already own, but I want to make sure these accessories won't fry the Bold. Wondering if there is any official word from the RIM folks on this subject.
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    Existing BB MiniUSB chargers should work. Just make sure the voltage/amperage output range on the charger is within the same limits as the input on your BB.
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    I'm using the ones from my motorola phones and they work fine

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    MANY thanks for the quick input!! That is what I thought..what caused me to ask is that my 8700c travel charger is 5vDC 7.5mA and the Bold's travel charger is 5vDC 7mA. I was not sure if the additional .5mA would cause any problems. Thanks again for the input!! Rick
    11-19-08 10:14 PM