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    I've just got a BB8110 from Vodafone. I was advised to use a BB as I am keen to sync my calendar from my pc (running XP and outlook 2003) with my phone. I am not sync-ing over the phone network as this will cost me an additional 15 per month and I am quite happy to plug the cable in once a day to update. That's the plan, however, I can't get this to work at all; this is a shame as its a lovelly phone.

    The latest version of DTM (4.3) downloaded from the BB website will sync appointments from the PC onto the phone but not the other way. I have checked the settings on DT manager to ensure that 2 way sync is enabled. Curiously it doesn't have this problem with my address book and a 2 way sync happens no-problem.

    Vodafone's help desk suggested trying DTM 4.2 with service pack 2 - this couldn't find my BB so I couldn't sync at all. The version of DTM shipped with my BB had another bug which replicated appointments on each sync so my phone got filled up with multiple copies each time I plugged in.

    This seems so easy I can't believe there is a problem - I was able to do this 8 years ago with my old HP PDA. Surely it must be possible, or is this a ploy to extract 15 a month to allow me to push my own data down my own cables? Any advice appreciated
    05-02-08 05:15 AM