1. DigMyBBStorm1's Avatar
    I tried a search but wasn't able to find anything on this.

    I have a Storm and my car has built in Nav and can accept audio/video in so you can watch things on the Nav screen (ONLY when parked with the emergency brake on!!!).

    I was wondering if anyone knew of a cable or a way to get video out from the storm? I know I can get the audio out by an 1/8" jack to RCA's but I'm wondering about the video.

    Sometimes I will be waiting in the car for 15 or 20 minutes outside of a store and it would be nice to have the video on the bigger screen.

    Again - NOT looking to watch movies while driving so no need for flames.

    Thanks in advance!

    06-25-09 06:23 AM
  2. karlac's Avatar
    Shhhhhhh! Now you've done it ... gave Apple another idea. No doubt in a short time you will find that the iPhone will be streaming video over bluetooth.
    06-25-09 07:54 AM
  3. Snarfler's Avatar
    That would be really cool, but I don't think it's possible with the Storm. But if there is a way, I'd sure like to know about it.
    06-25-09 08:32 AM
  4. Anonymous94587689's Avatar
    06-25-09 08:53 AM
  5. DigMyBBStorm1's Avatar
    Thanks guys. Not sure why I didn't find those threads in my search but I guess I need to hone the search words a little better!

    I'll keep an eye out to see if anything comes down the pike for a direct hookup via the microUSB.

    06-27-09 05:13 AM