1. jloster's Avatar
    Currently only our VP's and certain Directors and Managers have blackberries that connect to our BES server. As our corporate cel plan is about to expire, i have been asked to produce a Business Case for IT Services to get blackberries for the IT department. At first this seemed so easy but now i am running out of reason besides: 1) Constantly being connected improves response times to customers and teams 2) its capabilities to assist in a disaster recovery plan 3) link to OCS.

    Did anyone have to do a similar BC and if so, do you have any suggestions as to what else i could add?
    02-20-09 01:36 PM
  2. jasonlitka's Avatar
    It'll make you look cool.

    EDIT: Seriously though, a Windows Mobile device would be better for network troubleshooting and disaster recovery. A BB is about staying in touch. I'd emphasize the response time thing.
    02-20-09 01:46 PM