1. anon(1051759)'s Avatar
    I purchased the Comfort Cradle for my '06 Pontiac GTO and I was wondering if anyone has installed one of these cradles in their car. I know there is a window mount option and a metal mounting bracket option. The included installation kit simply won't work for me unless I put four screws into the dashboard - not an option. Has anyone used the optional bracket? How did the installation go? Thanks.
    10-07-07 11:04 PM
  2. chinesecatt's Avatar
    This might be an option for you since you have the THB Comfort Cradle. This one Retails at $17.00. Check CB's Store or if none, request this accessory, for sure they can order this one for you (if they don't carry it at their store).

    It's Model #0-07-16-0045-2
    10-18-07 02:53 PM
  3. reef150's Avatar
    Check out some of the car mounts from folks like ProClip (proclipusa.com) or Panavise (panaviseonline.com)

    There are various options which do not require any "permanent" mounting to the car - they either attach via an existing screw behind some trim (such as to a radio mount), or via a combo of fricton and adhesive tape.

    The mounts provide a range of hole patterns to accept most cradles, accessories, etc.
    10-21-07 08:10 PM
  4. reef150's Avatar
    Kissel - BTW, I'd be interested in your experience with the Bury cradle. I'm considering getting one myself - I assume your's is the one that "docks" and provides power & connection to the external antenna?
    10-21-07 08:11 PM
  5. chinesecatt's Avatar
    Based on my experience with ProClip products, they are good too but not comparable with the THB itself. Since you already have that cradle, it would be easier for you to attach it to this mount since you already have a connector that comes in with your Comfort Cradle.

    PanaVise is AWESOME! Pricey but all worth it. This is what I have in my car. If you are looking for a mount, this is it!
    10-22-07 02:12 PM