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    I had posted in another thread about the Radio Icon with the red line through it, but now that I have figured out what is happending, I'm moving to a new thread to see if others are having similar situations so we can report yet another bug to Sprint/RIM.

    If you do NOT use Bluetooth than you will NOT be affected by this problem. If you are a handsfree BT user, read below and see if you are having the same problem.

    Start out with the icon not showing on my screen. All DC's happen through speaker (this follows DC settings) and the way I use my phone almost all of the time.

    Get in my car, BB automatically pairs to Hands Free Bluetooth, no problems, icon still not appearing on my screen. All is well.

    If either I DC someone or someone DC's me (when BT paired) than the icon appears and turns the phone into privacy mode for DC (BT continues to work through car speakers).

    Here's the RUB... Once the phone is like this (and not longer paired to BT, meaning I leave the car) I can't switch it back to speaker mode by using the white $ key UNLESS I'm in a DC which means I would have to start as a privacy DC then I'd have to switch to speaker mode. Totally unnaceptable

    This was NOT how it operated prior to the latest upgrade. DC while paired to BT did not change speaker to privacy and leave it stuck there. Sprint/RIM screwed the pooch on this one.

    How do I go about reporting it?
    04-16-09 03:41 PM
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    email addresses in the "important" thread
    04-16-09 03:57 PM