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    Hey huys I've had by Bold for about 2 weeks now and everything was fine and dandy until about a couple of days ago when my battery started to completely drain. It charges fully, but only lasts approx 3-4 hours (whilst in my bag) till it dies which is inconvenient to say the least. I have looked through loads of forum posts and the general opinion is to shut down any running applications. On checking whether I had any running (alt+return), I only had the bog standard ones (messages, browser, call log + home). I turn all bluetooth and wifi off...the only thing I have done different on my phone prior to the drainage (but have charged it since and the problem still persists) is download a couple of themes and a game from "bplay". Now on one of the downloads I opted to "allow permissions" prior to the actual download-would this have affected the batter life at all?

    Anyway ............anyone care to help a baffled lady?

    03-29-09 11:13 AM