1. ccasemore's Avatar
    I recently bought Apple's In-Ear Headphones because they have reportedly worked fine with blackberries, mic, volume control, and everything. When I tried mine on my Bold 9700, volume still came out of the Bold's speaker as if it didn't detect the headphones. I tried them in a laptop and they worked fine. I also tried them in my roommate's Tour and they worked in that too. What is the problem? Is there a setting not turned on? Thanks for the help!
    11-13-09 03:46 PM
  2. Tetragrammaton's Avatar
    It should work with a tiny, little more force to plug in. Mind you, I am really talking about a tiny push...

    I have a Blackberryheadset with Volumecontrol und Microphone. The first time I plugged it in the Bold I got the same result like you. I thought "ok, let's try the headset they delivered the device with"... and I got the same result again. I was afraid, that the Bold was already defect so I would have to swap it. Then I tried a little more pushing the jack in and then it worked.
    11-13-09 03:58 PM