1. FlyingBB's Avatar
    Looking for a good mount other than a window or vent mount. I have a 2004 330i have seen the brackets that mount under the trim but what do you attach to them?

    09-27-07 02:26 PM
  2. draghkar's Avatar
    The mount I had in my 330ci mounted under the passenger dash trim. The trim pulls out with a special tool, or (what I used) a plastic putty knife. It's a long and narrow piece, so take your time. There were a couple of 10mm nuts under there that it mounted on. It took under 10 minutes to do. It was more work putting the face on the bracket (4 little screws) than the actual mount installation.
    You can probably get pics at e46fanatics.com. It really worked well, too. I have a Z4 Coupe with BT now, so I never bother taking the phone out of my pocket anymore.
    09-27-07 02:50 PM
  3. FlyingBB's Avatar
    What face did you use on the bracket? That seems to be the hardest to figure out what works best with the 8820.

    09-27-07 03:40 PM
  4. draghkar's Avatar
    The bracket I got was from pro-fit-intl dot com

    The mount I used was the Express Mount pro-fit-intl.com/expressMount.html . My wife has the same setup in her SUV. I use the express mount with the belt clip slot up on her rig, on the bimmer I used the T-Slot with my Vaja PDA case and the cell phone clip (not with the BB though, I sold the 330 last year). I put it on upside down the first time, which took most of the time of the install.

    Note, I can't post URLs yet. I don't post much, as most answers are found with the search.
    09-27-07 03:54 PM