1. bugg77's Avatar
    I'm looking for a way to have my 9550 connected to a bluetooth speakerphone and a bluetooth headset. I want to be able to have it automatically use the speakerphone while I'm in the car but then transfer the audio to the headset when I get out of the car.

    Even if it can't be done automatically, how could you make that happen as painlessly as possible?
    12-05-09 11:28 AM
  2. redwanhuq's Avatar
    Can't be done automatically, although that would be truly awesome.

    But...Buy a BT speakerphone (Motorola T305) and buy a BT headset (LG HBS-250 or Jawbone prime). Pair them both, and swap them whenever you want.

    In my opinion, BT speakerphones are crap. The outgoing call quality is always ****ty. I just use a stereo BT headset for everything.
    12-09-09 12:28 PM