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    My employer has given me a Blackberry Bold 9900 and it works fine. Battery life is good, no issues with using the phone.

    I've recently purchased an i-rocks BT-6460 bluetooth keyboard, and was able to pair it with my 9900. However, even though the pairing works, I can't actually type anything. I've set the keyboard to Trusted, and have tried both with encryption and without on the bluetooth settings. None of those features seem to make a difference.

    The primary application I want to use with the bluetooth keyboard is MemoPad.

    I've verified the keyboard works by pairing it with a Samsung Galaxy S3. Works as expected, I can type anywhere and it accepts the input.

    So, the question to the forum:
    In general, is there anything additional required, after pairing, to get a bluetooth keyboard to work with the MemoPad application on a BlackBerry 9900?

    thanks in advance,

    P.S. (edit) Also, if anyone has ever managed to get any bluetooth keyboard working with MemoPad on the Blackberry 9900, please let me know, and how you did it.
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    08-07-13 01:45 PM
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    Can anyone help here?
    08-08-13 01:16 AM
  3. vjek's Avatar
    Any chance anyone has ever successfully used a bluetooth keyboard, of any kind, with a 9900? Seems like a pretty straightforward feature.
    11-14-13 12:53 AM

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