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    I thought I would start a thread for the new ST3.

    I received mine about three weeks ago and just love it. It is one of the best handsfree speakerphones in the industry. I have use a number of carkits in the past and this one is getting there.

    Let me make a few observations both pro and con and then throw out some questions that maybe someone, who is using this device, can answer.

    First I am using the ST3 with an AT&T Blackberry Curve (8300).

    1. Easy to set up. It only took me 2 or 3 minutes to pair it with the BB. It took longer for the phone book to upload.
    2. Small and versatile. I live in a hot climate (AZ) so when I leave the car I can easily remove it from the magnetic clip, put it in my pocket, and take off.
    3. Buttons easy to use.
    4. Text to Speech. It is nice to have a phone that uses TTS. Great idea.
    5. Easy to hear and be heard. Good speaker with unit.
    6. Voice Dialing is a breezes. I have used other units that I have had to say the name several times before it would recognize it. With this unit it seems to be right on 90-95% of the time.
    7. The phone automatically re-connects to the phone using technology that works off of vibrations like a door closing. It also tells you when it is reconnected.

    1. Speaker volume fluctuates as you drive. I notice driving around town that as I was speaking with someone that the volume would go from loud to soft without changing the volume. Not sure why.
    2. My TTS does not recognize all the names in my address book. I also noticed that when I went to the new OS (4.5) that it would not recognize the address book. I have an email in to BlueAnt to see if there is a fix for this. I also asked if this unit would support the new BB's coming out (i.e. Bold, Kickstart, Thunder, etc.)
    3. This is both a pro and a con: Case is a slick black and looks great, but easily shows fingerprints.

    Overall, this is one of the best speakerphones I have used. A good investment for the business traveler.

    My question: Has anyone else had a problem with getting the TTS to work? If so, what did you find that made it work better. I also noticed that you have to enable the TTS each time I re-pair up with the BB.

    Thanks for listening and your help, if you can.
    06-25-08 06:09 PM
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    I just got my ST3 delivered today and love it. The clarity is unreal on both ends. I actually had someone else in the car while I walked down the street to test it out and it was awesome!

    I did have one problem though: I can't get the address book to sync with the ST3. That's the whole reason why I got this version and not the Supertooth Light. I've tried resetting the device and re-pairing with my BB a couple of times and re-pairing it and going through the address book loader several times but it just won't work. I've made sure that the address book transfer option is selected to "All Entries." The problem is, the manual says to send the contacts via Bluetooth to the device but I don't have that as an option on the 8703e; you can only email contacts as far as I'm aware. I'm starting to think that's the problem. I just got the ST3 delivered today so I haven't had a chance to call BlueAnt yet and definitely will tomorrow morning, but has anybody else had this problem?

    I'm starting to think it's time to bite the bullet and get a new BB...I just can't stand the darn trackball!

    Hopefully the Thunder will work...much less come out when it's supposed to!

    Thanks in advance for any help!
    07-03-08 04:33 AM
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    I am glad you love your ST3 as much as I do. I would definitely contact Blueant to see if there is a fix for this or not.

    I am presently using a Curve (8300) and by following the directions in the manual I was able to upload my Outlook address book without any problem. It could be the 8703e is not compatible and if that is true, it would be sad. I did find a problem when I tried to upload my address book using OS 4.5. It just would not take it. I downgrade to 4.2 and everything is fine.

    One other thing I have found with the ST3 Speech-to-Text is that when you have mulitiple entries for person (i.e Home, work, mobile) that it will recognize the person, but just calls out the number. I have not gotten an answer from Blueant on this one. Has anyone else had similiar experiences with this? Any fixes?

    Best luck with the Thunder when it comes out. I would like to get it but am on AT&T.
    07-03-08 10:54 AM
  4. tmgutierrez's Avatar
    I too have recently purchased the BlueAnt Supertooth 3 and think it is great. However I am having a problem with the voice dialing. I am using it with a Blackberry Curve 8300. It work great a few times then it would not initialize the voice dialing. The phone worked fine as long alone, but not connected. So I called BlueAnt and they had me reset both the phone the ST3 and it looked like it was working until I said a command in the ST3 then said it was not recognized. I called BlueAnt back and they told me to voice train through the ST3 which I did and it is still saying that it does not recognize the command. Anyone else with this problem or have any suggestions? This was the main reason I got the ST3.
    08-17-08 11:22 AM
  5. mkgostan's Avatar
    OK, so I'm going to add on to my previous post. I actually returned the ST3 about 7 days after I got it. I returned it for two reasons:

    A. It sucked after the first day. No one could hear me nor could I hear anyone else. I don't know what happened, but all of the sudden it just went from good to miserable.

    B. I called BlueAnt and asked them what was going on and they said that basically it's not possible to use the voice contacts with the 8703e. He said that it's a known problem and that they don't have a fix for it. He recommended that I call Blackberry or Verizon directly and ask them for help. The guy really wasn't that helpful other than saying "sorry, you're out of luck."

    Getting a hold of tech support was actually even more of a pain than hearing that the device was useless to me. They have ONE support guy and you can leave a message and it says they'll call you back, so I did. Two days later I still hadn't heard back. I emailed twice and didn't get a response until after I had already returned the item. I ended up calling the corporate office and asking for tech support and she just walked over to the guy and asked him my question and that's when they said it was impossible to sync the contacts with the ST3.

    To all you fellow 8703 owners: don't get the ST3, just get a SuperTooth Light and be done with it. It's the previous version to the ST3 and it doesn't have voice commands, but really, is it THAT tough to reach up to your visor and hit "answer" or "end?"
    08-21-08 12:03 PM
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    Well my problem is the address book stops loading at "1990". I have over 5000 contacts. Is the adrress book limited to 2000 or something?
    10-20-08 10:14 AM
  7. BBBoy1953's Avatar
    Its not the Storm, its the verizon network. There phones have a block on them to prevent the transmission of "data". This is apparently to protect their rhapsody/vcast. Apparently Verizon is more concerned with the revenue their rhapsody produces than with customer safety on the road....with all the new cell phone and driving laws, you would think that would be more important to be hands free!!
    01-16-09 03:33 PM
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    I know that some of the reviews of the Blueant Supertooth 3 have mentioned that there are issues when using it with a Blackberry. Apparently, the text to speech feature hasn't worked well and people have had to manually update the contacts because it hasn't been doing it automatically.

    I just bought the new Curve 8900 and I'm wondering if anyone knows if these problems have been resolved with the new generation of Blackberry? Anyone used this speaker phone with an 8900?
    03-04-09 05:10 PM